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Harriet Entin, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Member, AAMFT
(314) 993-4745
2821 N. Ballas Rd. #37
St. Louis, Missouri 63131

[email protected]

Harriet Entin MSW LCSW provides Psychotherapy Services in and around St. Louis, MO. Specializing in Trauma Counseling, Attachment Counseling & Adoption Counseling, Mindfulness Training, Couples Counseling & Family Counseling.

I provide instruction in the ancient healing arts of T'ai Chi, Qigong, mindfulness and self-regulation.These may be explored as stand alone experiences or integrated into talk therapy. These approaches engage all parts of the brain and provide self-regulation tools that are effective with ongoing benefits. Some issues responsive to these approaches include depression, cancer/illness, heart disease, panic and anxiety, compulsivity, stress management, auto-immune issues,trauma and abuse,self-awareness, over-sensivity to self and others, and ability to stay more focused and calm amidst life's challenges.  There is significant research documenting the lasting benefit of these therapies. I work together with clients to create sessions that fit their circumstances and goals.