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Harriet Entin, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Member, AAMFT
(314) 993-4745 (o)
(314)-993-8616 (fax)
2821 N. Ballas Rd. Suite C-37
St. Louis, Missouri 63131

[email protected]

Harriet Entin MSW LCSW specializes in integrating psychotherapy with mind/body approaches for whole-brain healing and wellness.

I have been in practice for 40 years, and provide an integration of talk therapy with mind/body approaches that address healing from a "whole-brain" paradigm. I have had the privilege of providing these services to individuals, couples, families and organizations throughout the greater St. Louis area, and across the U.S.

I partner with my clients to build on their strengths in facing their current challenges. I work within a mental health paradigm that includes the latest information on neuro-plasticity (rewiring the brain) as well as mind/body connections. I am sensitive to my clients' physical, emotional and spiritual perspectives and goals.

In addition to mental health services, I offer a variety of workshops and seminars on a range of topics for small groups as well as community organizations and faith-based groups.

I bring decades of experience and training, competence and compassion to the services I offer. and work collaboratively with clients to help them move from pain to healing, and from confusion to clarity.

For further information, please call me at 314-993-4745 or email me at [email protected]